Vintage Pieces

In the 1980's Aladdin Industries produced Mickey and Minnie 3D figural head lunch boxes, complete with a matching thermos that fits inside.  About three years ago, a high end fashion retailer created a very similar version that was marketed as a handbag and priced around $4,500.  Since then, Disney lovers have discovered the beauty of hunting down the now "vintage" lunch boxes and transforming them into handbags.  As part of the trend, I decided to test the waters, and as a result, they have become one of my favorite products to create.  From classic colors, to character mash-ups (my personal favorite), the possibilities are endless.


When I started making these vintage pieces, I knew that they would not be sustainable. In order to ensure that each piece is special for its owner, I will not make any exact replicas, with exception to the classic Mickey.


For custom orders, you are required to provide the vintage piece after agreeing on the design work, pricing, and securing a custom opening on the monthly schedule. Pricing will vary depending on the intricacy of the design.  Mickey pricing starts at $300 and Minnie at $350 (plus tax where applicable).

As a side note, I will only cover the front side of the box in rhinestones, and you have a choice as to whether or not you would like a fresh coat of black paint all over.  To see more of the pieces that have already been created, head over to Instagram 

 *updated 9/14/22